About Us...

We do this by creating win-win situations in one of the following ways:

HOMES FOR THOSE IN NEED:  We purchase properties that will benefit our charitable endeavors such as creating homes for kids aging out of the foster care system, homeless veterans, second-chance opportunities, and senior living centers, among others, while saving distressed sellers from foreclosure, problem tenants, unwanted inheritance properties, and other financial or real estate challenges.


FIX-N-FLIP:  If we find the property isn't going to work to fulfill our mission, we may assign our interest in the property to another investor or work with one of our Brokers to sell the property and reinvest a portion of the proceeds into our charitable endeavors.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION & SELF-SUSTAINABILITY:  We purchase commercial interests and invest in business opportunities that will help further entrepreneurial and financial education for individuals to learn how to be self-sufficient and productive members of society.  


*We are not licensed agents, brokers, or attorneys.  Although we do work with a team of licensed professionals who do include agents, brokers, attorneys, et al.


LCG Property Group a.k.a LCG Property Solutions is a property division of Lion's Crest Group LLC, a Florida company.

Simply put, we care about people!  And our entire business is focused on helping people.  Whether it is a distressed seller looking for solutions or charitable programs trying to help provide homes for homeless veterans or children aging out of foster care; an investor looking for just the right property to expand his/her portfolio; or someone simply looking to fulfill the American dream of home ownership, we create strategic solutions!

Our mission is to solve problems and restore hope with real estate! 

Our Values:  We build trust, show compassion, share empathy, offer hope, find solutions, and make an impact.


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